Saturday, October 5, 2019


The Sanskrit word for the crown chakra, Sahasrara, refers to the thousand white petals of a lotus flower. Sahasrara connects us to the spiritual energy of enlightenment. It is the energy center that awakens us to a higher power, the awareness that each of us is an expression of universal consciousness. Realizing that you are simply pure consciousness is the true source of enlightenment.
You only have to be willing to allow your mind, body, spirit, heart to open to this Divine consciousness as you let go of fear, self-doubt and selfishness, as you express unconditional Love and believe in the unlimited possibilities. This consciousness resides in all living beings, and in each moment we are connected to all and everything on the planet.
The simple (but not always easy) tools for opening the crown chakra are sitting in quiet stillness as you lett go and surrender to the Unknown, to the great mystery. So allow some time each day for real silence, no phone or computer, no mental replay of your To Do list, no outside distractions. Challenge yourself, allow your Self time to feel the healing power of this spiritual practice. Let it become a part of your everyday life as you image these thousand petals of spiritual connection and Divine consciousness. As we do this individually we remember together that We Are One, We Are The Lotus.
In joy,

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