Saturday, May 11, 2019


     Once upon a time, not that long ago, in a place not that far from here... a man drove to a flower shop, because he wanted to order a bouquet of flowers wired to his mother who lived two hundred miles away. As he pulled up to the flower shop and got out of his car, he noticed a young boy sitting on the sidewalk, looking downcast.
     He approached the boy and asked kindly, "Are you okay? Is something wrong?"
"I really wanted to buy a red rose for my mother," the boy replied. "But I only have a dollar, and roses cost two dollars each."
     "We can fix that," said the man with a smile. Come on, I'll buy you a rose for your mom." So, they went into the store together, where the man bought a single rose for the boy, as well as ordering a nice bouquet to be delivered to his own mother. As they left the flower shop, the man asked the boy if he wanted a ride, and the young man gratefully answered, "Thank you, it would be great if you could take me to visit my mother."  He proceeded to give directions to a nearby cemetery, where he got out of the car, and carefully placed his rose on the freshly turned dirt beneath a simple tombstone.
     Driving away with tears in his eyes, the man immediately went back to the flower shop, canceled his previous order, picked out a beautiful bouquet and drove the two hundred miles to deliver them in person.

     This Sunday, I hope you will join us in celebrating Mother's Day in the Circle, as we collectively make the metaphorical, metaphysical "long drive home" to honor our birth mothers, as well as invoke the vast field of loving and supportive feminine energy that has made our lives possible.
     Having said that, it's also important to acknowledge that you may have a less-than-joyful relationship with your mother. Or perhaps she died so recently that your family memories are still clouded by feelings of grief and loss. Please know that those feelings, too, are a welcome addition to our time of shared ritual remembrance of the Divine Feminine alive in us all. For the metaphysical energy of the Divine Mother is not all just sweetness and light; life and birth. It is also the energy of darkness, chaos and death, for there can be no light without darkness, no nurturing without challenge, no birth without death.
     And yes, it's hard to make sense of this paradox; the language of logic, precision and prose struggles mightily under the weight of carrying these seeming contradictions. Which is why I find so much value in the power of gathering together and focusing consciously through shared silence, poetry, music and ritual space. As we approach this Great Mystery of the Divine Feminine as a spiritual community, we're able to mine the rich seam of meaning and purpose that awaits us, in a deep and meaningful way.
     So, whether or not you are able to attend our Mother's Day Sunday Circle in person, on-line through Facebook Live, or are "merely" tuning from somewhere else, I truly hope you'll consider tapping into the vast field of generative, feminine energy we'll be focusing on together. It promises to be a powerful time, and it wouldn't be the same without you.

 With love and blessings,   
     Rudi Harst

THANK YOU for holding the Circle in your heart by visualizing a generous flow of financial abundance. Thank you for supporting us as we continue our work of fostering a creative, inclusive approach to spirituality. We are deeply grateful.

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