Friday, July 8, 2016


 Our hot water heater broke without warning last week, sending water leaking all over our laundry room. It's an old heater that's seen a lot of use over the past fifteen years, so we shouldn't have been surprised, but we were. It took a couple of days to come to decide on a replacement, another day to schedule a plumber to come install it. Unfortunately, the morning after it was installed we smelled a gas leak, but because it was the Fourth of July weekend, we had no choice but to shut off the gas and wait a few more days until another plumber could come and check things out. So, essentially we've been without hot water or a stove for a week.
     Fortunately, it's been no big deal, mostly just an inconvenience. Sure, it's taken a chunk out of our savings, but we're blessed to be able to buy a new heater and hire plumbers, so it's just a matter of time till this problem is fixed. And the weather is so darn hot right now, that it's no real sacrifice to go without cooking or taking hot showers for a few days. In the meantime, this is serving as a good reminder not to take this precious resource for granted, knowing how many people on this planet don't have access to any clean water at all, much less have hot and cold running water flowing freely at the turn of a faucet handle.
     In short, I know that while this is not how I'd like things to be, it's just a temporary situation, and that all is well.
     Meanwhile, there's a different but similar circumstance in the Celebration Circle: our financial flow has been running low in recent months, and our bank account is currently depleted. For the first time since 2008, we don't have enough funds on hand to pay all of last month's bills. Historically, our level of giving is always significantly lower during the summer months, as it is for most congregations of all faiths. We've always had sufficient funds to carry us through those low months. But this year, that dip began earlier in the year than usual, and that fact, combined with some unexpected operating expenses and the loss of one major donor, has brought us to where we are currently.
     Like the water heater, I know that this is a temporary situation, and that this, too, shall pass. Rather than dwell on a feeling of lack, I chose to focus on the power of our purpose as a spiritual community, and the abundant field of support being generated by the many, many people we have served over the years. The Council of Stewards will be meeting this Sunday at 3pm to discuss our options, and I am confident that we will find ways to meet this challenge.
     In the meantime, I am asking for your support in staying focused on the infinite field of possibilities. Please hold the Circle in your thoughts and prayers, and help us visualize the generous flow of financial abundance that has sustained this community for the past 25 years - and will continue to do so for many more years to come. 
     Also, please consider making a donation now by clicking on here. A gift of any size would help us move through this temporary low spot, in advance of our Sacred Art of Altars fundraiser in September, and help us dance through the coming months, as we continue our vital work of fostering a creative, inclusive approach to spirituality.

With gratitude and blessings,

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