Saturday, December 6, 2014


              Ahhhhhhh. So much is happening all the time that it feels really important to pause periodically throughout the day; to take a few breaths and slow down long enough to give body, mind and spirit a brief respite from the suddenly-quickened pace of life. To take the time to turn within to embrace the many gifts of the season, and do my best to learn from them.
            The first thing in the morning, plus at least once or twice during the day, I push myself away from the desk and/or computer long enough to go outside and experience the world beyond these familiar walls; to watch the migratory birds make their way across the sky; to walk on the grasses and leaves underfoot; to sit on a rock and feel connected to the soil, reminding me that all too soon my body, too, will turn into ashes and return to the earth.

            It doesn't have to take long; just a few minutes will generally do the trick. Less time than it usually takes to follow down the cyber-trail generated by clicking on any one of the hyper-links embedded in the many e-mails that will arrive in the inbox on any given day.
            As a matter of fact, as soon as I finish this paragraph, I'm heading back outside for another glimpse at the sky, another reminder of how time flies, another chance to feel grateful to be alive. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing right now, perhaps you'd care to join me in returning to our roots outside and resting in a state of gratitude inside? If not now, perhaps sometime soon...

With blessings,


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