Friday, May 16, 2014


            My 62nd birthday is finally receding into the distance, after four days full of celebrations, meditations and conscious co-creations. My heart is filled to overflowing from the many, many warm hugs, birthday cards, e-mails, e-cards, phone calls and texts that I've received from loving friends and family this week.

            Sitting in the pre-dawn silence, feeling slightly lightheaded from this Love Buzz hangover, part of me wants to replay the details of the past three days over and over again. To cling to the warm fuzzies, to review the congratulations and affirmations I've received from my extended circle of support this week. Another part of me wants to hide from the stack of tasks and unanswered communications that have piled up on my desktop during those three days off, wanting to avoid them a little longer. Frankly, I just want to keep swimming around in this vast pool of juicy feelings, and floating in the energy field glowing all around me.

            But then I find myself wondering: Why does it have to be an either/or? Why chose between basking in the glow or getting down to the tasks at hand? Why not embrace both? No reason at all...
            So here I sit, surrounded by the shimmering light of the rising sun, dripping with the honey of unconditional love flowing towards me - not just from the many loving souls who've extended themselves towards me in these past few days - but by all of Creation, past, present and future. Breathing calmly, I visualize and affirm, again and again:

Now...  and Now... and Now...
Each moment brand new
There is nothing I need to learn, earn or do in order to make this happen.
I simply do whatever is mine to do, centered in the awareness that:
I AM being showered with blessings, Now...  and Now... and Now...

I AM not alone,
for I AM surrounded by Love,
filled with Light and
Guided by Infinite Intelligence,
helping me co-create the circumstances of my life.

Today, and always, I chose to remember:
I AM being showered with blessings, Now... and Now and Now.

Perhaps you, too, would consider taking a few moments to experience, explore and express this awareness for yourself. It certainly has brought many bright blessings to me and my house... In any case, that's my invitation, and I'm sticking to it.

With gratitude and joy,


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